1. MCIC Computational Biology Lab

1.1. Our Goal

Our mission is to build core support and intellectual leadership in the area of bioinformatics to support research at the OARDC, by providing an engaging work environment, space, infrastructure and training for performing research involving biological data analysis. We aspire for the MCBL to become the place to be for learning and performing bioinformatics research at the OARDC, the place where ideas are discussed and exchanged, students and users learn from each other and get help and support from our experience staff when needed, and we as a community move our bioinformatics knowledge forward.

1.2. MCBL Services

NGS Data Analysis Contacts
  • Handling large data sets
  • Quality control
  • Using standard and custome scripts to do data analysis
  • Using Big Standalone servers
  • Dr. Vitor Pavinato
  • Saranga Wijeratne
Workshops & Training Contacts
  • Training on various NGS data analysis
  • Training on Linux enviornment and shell scripting
  • Training on Amazon Web Services and OSC
  • Dr. Vitor Pavinato
  • Saranga Wijeratne
Next Generation Sequencing Contacts
  • High-troughput sequencing(Illumina Miseq platform)
  • Dr. Tea Meulia
  • Dr. Fiorella Cisneros Carter
  • Maria Elena Hernandez-Gonzalez